Rabu, 23 September 2009


Firstly,i want to tell you that this song list is in my opinion of Led Zeppelin's heaviest song. But,if you disagree with the list,you can comment.OK,here they are..

  1. Black Dog (album : Untitled/Led Zeppelin IV)
  2. Heartbreaker (album : Led Zeppelin II)
  3. Immigrant Song (album : Led Zeppelin III)
  4. Whole Lotta Love (album : Led Zeppelin II)
  5. Communication Breakdown (album : Led Zeppelin)
  6. Rock And Roll (album : Untitled/Led Zeppelin IV)
  7. Babe,I'm Gonna Leave You (album : Led Zeppelin),acoustic tune in intro and line,but you can hear heavy riff on the chorus
  8. Bring It On Home (album : Led Zeppelin II),this song is actually by willie dixon,rearranged by page by adding some cool & heavy riff.
  9. Celebration Day (album : Led Zeppelin III)
  10. When The Levee Breaks (album : Untitled/Led Zeppelin IV)
  11. Achilles Last Stand (album : Presence)
  12. Trampled Under Foot (album : Physical Graffiti),funky tunes,with distorted guitar
  13. How Many More Time (album : Led Zeppelin)
  14. Wearing And Tearing (album : CODA)
  15. The Ocean (album : Houses Of The Holy)
  16. The Song Remains The Same (album :Houses Of The Holy)
  17. Sick Again (album : Physical Graffiti)
  18. The Rover (album : Physical Grafitti)
  19. In My Time Of Dying (album : Physical Graffiti),this song is actually a traditional gospel song (f i'm not mistaken), but led zepp's version is better i guess,jimmy has a cool arrangement.
  20. In The Evening (album : In Trough The Out Door)
  21. Walter's Walk (album : CODA)
  22. Over The Hills And Far Away (album : Houses Of The Holy),you'll only hear the acoustic tune in the intro,but after that you'll hear the distortion from the guitar
  23. The Crunge (album : Houses Of The Holy),another funky tunes from led zepp
  24. Carouselambra (album : In Through The Out Door)
  25. Hots On Nowhere (album : Presence),not too heavy
  26. Dancing Days (album : Houses Of The Holy)
  27. Custard Pie (album : Physical Graffiti)
  28. The Wanton Song (album : Physical Graffiti)
  29. No Quarter (album : Houses Of The Holy),slow but heavy distorted
  30. Out On The Tiles (album : Led Zeppelin III)
  31. Four Sticks (album : Untitled/Led Zeppelin IV),unusual bonzo's drumming,this song have an unique drum beat.
  32. We're Gonna Groove (album : CODA)
  33. Good Times,Bad Times (album : Led Zeppelin)
  34. Dazed And Confused (album : Led Zeppelin),this song is actually by jake holmes in 1967,but still,jimmy has a good arrangement
  35. Misty Mountain Hop (album : Untitled/Led Zeppelin IV)
  36. Nobody's Fault But Mine (album : Presence)
  37. What Is And What Should Never Be (album : Led Zeppelin II),slow in the line and distortion the chorus.
  38. For Your Life (album : Presence),not too heavy,i guess
  39. Candy Store Rock (album : Presence),Ok,i guess this is not too heavy too,but at least you can hear a hard rockin' riff.

that's my interpretation of "Heavy",you can have a notion about that too.that's all

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